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Is Mexico Safe?

“We were on Fantasy’s trip to Mexico’s Copper Canyon and had a fantastic time. We refer to it as the trip of a lifetime and felt quite safe all of the time. We credit alot of that to the demeanor and the expertise of our wagonmaster and tailgunner!”
Scott & Diana Wise, Beaverton, OR, February 2010

When Fantasy guests catch their first astonishing glimpse of the Urique Canyon cutting 1,000 feet deeper into the earth than the Grand Canyon… all things seem dwarfed by its grandeur. The six inter-connecting canyons known as the Copper Canyon lies in the heart of the Sierra Madre Mountains. This complex region renowned for its rugged beauty occupies an area four times larger than the Grand Canyon.

  The closer you get, the more you see.The canyon walls climb from desert flora to high pine forests, wrapping around fertile valleys dotted with crystalline mountain streams. Intricate twists of the canyon reveal waterfalls, wildlife, archeological sites and the dwellings of the shy Tarahumara Indians, the most primitive tribe still living in North America. More than 50,000 semi-nomadic natives still live in this region in the traditional style of their ancestors. Our guests can now tour this wonderland while gawking and gasping to their heart's content with a variety of options offered by Fantasy RV Tours.

1ST CLASS EXPRESS PASSENGER TRAIN Leave your RV parked at a campground, OR leave your car, truck or van at a hotel
and travel aboard the Premier Express Train. You will stay at deluxe hotels including one at the magnificent rim of the canyon.
Those options leave you free to stare and utter exclamations as the train climbs to 8,000 feet, over bridges, into tunnels and
through terrain that Reader’s Digest called “the most dramatic train ride on earth.”

CHARTERED PASSENGER VAN TO CANYON FLOOR Take an expedition in a passenger van to the bottom of the Batopilas
Canyon. You travel from 8,000 feet in elevation down to 1,000 feet. This canyon is almost a thousand feet deeper than the
Grand Canyon. Spend two nights in a restored mansion at the floor and experience life as it was in the 18th century.