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Ease your RV Trip with a Delicious Cheesy Potato Soup

Ease your RV Trip with a Delicious Cheesy Potato Soup

January 23, 2023

Author: Fantasy RV Tours/Monday, January 23, 2023/Categories: Travel News

Are you an RV enthusiast looking for a way to make your meals as delicious and enjoyable as ones made in a regular kitchen? If so, Evada Cooper, otherwise known as Lady E and published author of an RV cookbook titled, The RV Centennial Cookbook – Celebrating 100 Years of RVing and is here to help! Lady E has been on the RV travel scene for years and is well-known by regulars. She has dedicated her time to teaching RVers on how they can make amazing meals while on their RV adventures.

Sheila's Cheesy Potato Soup

  • 6 or 7 medium potatoes, peeled and cubed
  • Water to cover potatoes while cooking
  • 1-pint sour cream (note: using fat-free sour cream does not make the soup as smooth, but it tastes the same and is healthier)
  • 1 lb. Mexican Velveeta, cubed; regular Velveeta can be used, if preferred
  • Real bacon bits or crumble several slices of cooked bacon
  • Green onions (chopped)

Cover peeled, cubed potatoes with water in a large pot or Dutch oven. (Use more water for thinner soup.) When potatoes are tender, add sour cream and cubes of Velveeta. Heat over low heat, stirring nonstop. When cheese is melted, soup is ready. Add green onions and bacon bits just before serving.

Note from Lady E Cooper: I personally have made this potato soup many times. Not only does it taste delicious….it is easy for the RV kitchen – only 20 minutes cooking time. Plus, it’s one of my favorites for the cooler months. Option: Add 1 lb. of browned ground beef for a cheeseburger soup.  My personal tip is to serve this soup up in to your favorite bread bowl… then sit around the campfire to enjoy! 

The RV Centennial Cookbook is available for purchase on



Evada Cooper, also known by RV regulars as “Lady E”, teaches men and women alike how RV cooking can be just as fun as creating family style meals in a full size kitchen.  Her motto – Being prepared is the key to success! With so many things to learn about the differences in the RV lifestyle vs. traditional home-style living, Evada brings a wealth of knowledge to those seeking to live successfully in their own RV kitchen.  She and her husband Terry travel full time in a 5th wheel trailer, conducting seminars at RV shows and rallies and at their Mobile RV Academy which educates both RV professionals and consumers.  Evada published “The RV Centennial Cookbook – Celebrating 100 Years of RVing (1910-2010)”, and has a website,



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