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Meet Larry & Sue Elniff

Meet Larry & Sue Elniff

March 7, 2019

Author: Lisa Crockett/Thursday, March 7, 2019/Categories: Travel News

We caught up with Fantasy Ambassadors Larry and Sue Elniff while they were camping in Quartzsite, AZ – just relaxing and “having fun.” And with their schedule, they deserve it – the Elniffs’ had just finished working at the 2019 Rose Parade Rally and are preparing for their next Fantasy events. In July they’ll spend 33 days on the Rocky Mountain National Parks of the North tour and in August – 34 days on the Western National Parks Tour.

The Elniffs’ spent most of their lives in Kansas, where both worked in management for agricultural cooperatives. They lived the farm life – raising and showing miniature horses around the country and traveling to the shows via RV. Seven years ago, when Sue retired, they sold the farm, bought a new 40-foot Coachman Pathfinder motorhome and hit the road full time.

A year into the full-timing experience, Larry and Sue attended the National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas. There, they saw a Fantasy brochure about the Rose Parade Rally. “We signed up and had a great time,” says Sue. “Next, we signed up for an Alaska tour, and from there we went to WagonMaster training and have been doing it ever since.”

In the past five years, the Elniffs’ have worked the Autumn in New England tour, the Canadian Maritimes, the Canadian Rockies, the Calgary Stampede Rally, the Mule Days Rally and had just finished up with the Rose Parade.

Their favorite event? Sue doesn’t hesitate. “So many people ask us that question. For me, it’s Autumn in New England.” Larry has a different opinion. “By far my favorite place is Prince Edward Island (PEI) on the Canadian Maritimes tour. I really enjoy the area, the agriculture and the beauty.”

The Elniffs’ do agree that by far the best part of their jobs is meeting and interacting with Fantasy guests. “We love meeting the people and we love the interactions during and after a tour,” says Sue.
“Many of our guests stay in touch with us, and we’re actually visiting some Fantasy guests this afternoon in Quartzsite. We just love the people.”

The Elniffs’ have been married for 33 years, and between them have three children, four grandchildren and five great grandkids. They say their family is happy they are working for Fantasy because “it keeps us out of their hair. They’re just glad we’re enjoying ourselves.”

Larry and Sue are making yet another major lifestyle change, having just purchased a home in Arizona. They plan to live there six months of the year and continue their travels the rest of the time. “We love meeting our guests, learning about their lives and what they’ve done,” they say. “We really enjoy RVers.”


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