Questions & Answers

Our company Staff, Ambassadors, WagonMasters and TailGunners will become part of your extended family. You will find that they are the most enthusiastic and caring people, and will make your vacation a trip of a lifetime! For any other questions please call us at (800) 952–8496.

Our Ambassadors serve as WagonMasters, TailGunners and Travel consultants. Travel Ambassadors are experienced RVers who understand planning RV Vacations and serve as tour leaders. You will see Ambassadors at campgrounds and at RV trade shows and rallies…of course you see them on the road.

Our tour prices include all standard benefits, RV site accommodations, meals, events and excursions as listed on the itineraries.

Choose one of these easy options: call 800-952–8496, browse our web site and book online at or visit with one of our Travel Ambassadors,

Our Travel Ambassadors are ready to help when mechanical problems arise. For mechanical breakdowns which prevent you from continuing, you may receive prorated credit, less any expenses incurred by Fantasy on your behalf.

Passports are required for Canada, Mexico and Overseas tours.

Each trip has unique qualities. Your WagonMaster will contact you several months prior to rendezvous to discuss the need to tow based on your itinerary. Most caravans have free days to explore. It is an individual preference to tow, however for most traveling caravans we do recommend a tow vehicle in order to maximize freedom during your vacation. We provide transportation for city tours, events and most excursions included in the itinerary.

YES, with the exception of overseas tours. Canada and Mexico require proof of rabies vaccination. During the Polar Bear and Maritime vacations you will be away from your RV 1 to 4 nights. Your pets will need to be cared for by a campground pet-sitter or kennel and the fees are your responsibility. We are a pet friendly company, however it is your responsibility to care for your pet.

You are welcome to follow the WagonMaster, but it’s not necessary. Typically in Mexico guests prefer to travel caravan style. We provide comprehensive, up-to-date, field-researched trip logs documenting landmarks and turns along the route. You have many options as to how you’d like to travel. Often we suggest scattered travel during a caravan, groups of 2 to 4 RVs traveling at a safe distance apart and who may enjoy similar points of interest. Of course, you may travel independently at your own pace - enjoying sites and side trips. Your Travel Ambassadors are there to ensure safety for the entire group. It’s your vacation, so we offer options - we want you to enjoy safety, comfort and freedom.

YES. You’ll want to make reservations early to reserve your space. Reservations are prioritized in the order received. Most of our caravans are limited to 22 RVs, while rallies are determined individually.

YES, tips are included for meals and events listed in our itineraries. For exemplary service please feel free to tip any service provider including your Travel Ambassadors who serve as your WagonMasters and TailGunners.

For trips South of the Border, you must have a Mexico Liability policy for each motorized vehicle. We can assist in obtaining your Mexico insurance.

We publish our lowest possible price. Occasionally, opportunities arise with our vendors that allow us to pass on savings to you. We also reward guests with frequent traveler credits toward future tours with us.

It is available to purchase for all tours but not a requirement. Fantasy RV Tours does not require Trip Cancellation/Interruption insurance, but we do recommend it for Canada, Mexico, and Overseas tours.

Our company will become part of your family. You will find that we are the most enthusiastic and caring people. We will assist you to make this a trip of a lifetime. For any other questions please call us at (800) 952–8496.