Alaska RV Tours


If there’s a place in your heart yearning for towering mountains, majestic glaciers and abundant wildlife, RVing in Alaska is the place to make your dreams come true.

Remote and wild? Yes! But our tours are led by experienced WagonMasters and followed by professional Tailgunners who are experts on Alaska. Our knowledgeable staff takes care of the planning, securing reservations for camping and activities, including “best-kept-secrets” independent travelers are sure to miss. And even though there’s an itinerary, you’ll still have the freedom to self-explore.

Whether you’re a new or seasoned RVer, you can relax knowing you’re accompanied by professionals who are there to assist you every step – and mile – of the way.


Seeing the Canadian Rockies, Jasper, the boat trip out of Valdez, fishing in Homer, and the history of Alaska made this tour great!

Jerry & Sue RobertsGrand Junction, CO

Rafting in Denali, fishing in Homer, Salmon Glacier made this a great tour!

Phillip & Nancy GatesCallao, VA

Our first tour and it exceeded expectations! Signed up for two more!

Ronald & Marsha SegebarthHanson, KY

The planning and the organization - we didn't have to think about anything!

Dennis & Frederika EmorySanta Barbara, CA

Our first caravan tour and we thoroughly enjoyed it. We did many things we wouldn't have done on our own. Very well organized and good value.

Rick & Betsy JohnsonTopsail Beach, NC

Fantasy seems to be thoughtful of their tour customers & professional re: quality & service.

John & Sandi BrookeEdmonds, WA

My new husband Ed has had a total of four caravans with Fantasy -- of course this was my first, however he was always telling me how good the Fantasy caravans are -- and he's so right. You can be sure when we choose to do another caravan, it will be with Fantasy.

Edwin & Ellen SchwartenEmerson, NE

Fantastic trip! A trip of a lifetime!

James & Joanne BrownPoland, OH

The planning and the organization - we didn't have to think about anything!

Dennis & Frederika EmorySanta Barbara, CA

This tour was great because of the friends we made, the scenery and we didn't need to worry about RV sites and the route.

Glenn & Renee HarbigDonnelly, ID

We enjoyed our Alaskan Tour immensely and appreciated the security of traveling in a group. The tour opened up a new look at RV travel and taught us a lot about exploring the country.

Jerry & Bonnie DehartCincinnati, OH