Mexico RV Tours


Mexico...magical, inviting, unique.

Whether you’re looking for whale encounters or simply want to relax on sandy beaches, Fantasy has you covered. You won’t have to make a decision on the “can’t miss” events and the best sightseeing areas – our travel experts will plan all details for you. 

Fantasy’s experienced staff organizes all of our border materials, checking on your mandatory Mexican vehicle insurance and tourist visas. Best of all, our professional WagonMasters and Tailgunners escort you from start to finish, making sure you get the most from your Mexico vacation. Bienvenido a México, mis amigos!


Before our Mexico tour we were naturally apprehensive about our security in Mexico. We were assured by our WagonMasters that we would be safe as long as we followed the proven procedures. Frankly, from the time we passed through Nogales on our way into Mexico until we passed back into the USA we had no reason to even think about this again. On the contrary, we safe and never even had the slightest concern.

Stephen & Vernette GilbertParker, CO

Our trip with Fantasy to Mexico was absolutely wonderful and without any security problems at all. Fantasy took us places where we were able to enjoy Mexico and witness the real lifestyle of the Mexican people without any safety concerns.

Bill & Dale MarshallQualicum Beach, BC

Our first tour and it exceeded expectations! Signed up for two more!

Ronald & Marsha SegebarthHanson, KY

The planning and the organization - we didn't have to think about anything!

Dennis & Frederika EmorySanta Barbara, CA

Our first caravan tour and we thoroughly enjoyed it. We did many things we wouldn't have done on our own. Very well organized and good value.

Rick & Betsy JohnsonTopsail Beach, NC

Fantasy seems to be thoughtful of their tour customers & professional re: quality & service.

John & Sandi BrookeEdmonds, WA

My new husband Ed has had a total of four caravans with Fantasy -- of course this was my first, however he was always telling me how good the Fantasy caravans are -- and he's so right. You can be sure when we choose to do another caravan, it will be with Fantasy.

Edwin & Ellen SchwartenEmerson, NE

We were travelers with Fantasy to Baja. We had a fantastic time, and never felt a sense of insecurity. The tour was safe, very well planned out and we always looked forward to a new adventure every day. This was our first Fantasy tour and we are already planning our next with them.

Timothy Daniel & Cynthia Lynn BittingerRaymond, NE