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overseas Unique contrasts of beauty, climate and culture create an unimaginable vacation you will long remember.

No matter which destination is on your bucket list, each will fill your days with unexpected experiences to satisfy your wanderlust and nurture your wonder of far-away places. Exciting, yet safe, these handpicked tours range from exotic and untamed to romantic and cultured. You’ll mingle with native peoples and encounter the best of each locality.

Follow the call of distant shores. Feed your soul and deepen your understanding of lands far beyond our own coastlines.

The part of the caravan that we loved the most was seeing leopards in the wild!

Richard & Marilyn ElliottSan Antonio, TX

The guided drives were so awesome! We learned so much!

Bobby & Antoinette ConwayModesto, CA

Kapama came at the right time in the tour to allow us to recharge. Everyday seemed like a new experience, we really enjoyed the Ukutula Walk with the lions!

Stanley & Janice DenooFairplay, CO

Our first tour and it exceeded expectations! Signed up for two more!

Ronald & Marsha SegebarthHanson, KY

The planning and the organization - we didn't have to think about anything!

Dennis & Frederika EmorySanta Barbara, CA

Our first caravan tour and we thoroughly enjoyed it. We did many things we wouldn't have done on our own. Very well organized and good value.

Rick & Betsy JohnsonTopsail Beach, NC

Fantasy seems to be thoughtful of their tour customers & professional re: quality & service.

John & Sandi BrookeEdmonds, WA

My new husband Ed has had a total of four caravans with Fantasy -- of course this was my first, however he was always telling me how good the Fantasy caravans are -- and he's so right. You can be sure when we choose to do another caravan, it will be with Fantasy.

Edwin & Ellen SchwartenEmerson, NE

A great thing about this tour is the good weather, beautiful scenery, and friendly people!

William & Norma BlattnerKuna, ID

New Zealand was AMAZING!!

John & Karen ScopazziBurlingame, CA

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