We all have our dreams and ideas of places we hope to see and events that we plan to attend… someday. Remembering all of these wistful destinations, life’s little To-Do’s, is difficult enough — and, like most things in life, the list is ever-changing. Fantasy RV Tours wants to help you remember the places you dream to visit and the events that you hope to experience, thus we have created an ADD TO BUCKETLIST button on every tour page.

This function is available to all ‘Registered’ site users. Once you have registered [top right corner of this page] you will be able to store your dream vacations to your very own, online BucketList. You can add and remove items from this list, book your vacation and even share your list of dreams with friends and family members who may want to help you realize your dream or even join you on an adventure of a lifetime. Registering is simple, and adding vacations to your BucketList is even easier. Simply click the Add to BucketList on the tour page you are exploring and as long as you are registered and logged in to your account your tour will be added to the list.

You can view your list by logging in, and clicking your name at the top of the web page. Here you can edit your profile, view your account information and explore the tours you have saved.